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Peace Shuttlers which started with a vision of developing a healthy nation and producing youngsters with complete fitness and bringing out the skilled and talented to the limelight in the international level(arena) by giving coaching in a systematic way.


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It develops physical fitness, athleticism, and helps to stay healthy ...


Peace Shuttlers was formed with a mutual passion for the sports. Our goal is to nurture young talented players to be ...

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Since our Parent Company is in the field of Construction...

Rules & Regulations

  •   Membership Fee is Non-Refundable
  •   Players are strictly advised to wear Non-marking Yellow bottom shoes in the court.
  •   Sports Dress code is mandatory.
  •   Transfer of membership is strictly not permitted at any cost..
  •   Management accepts no responsibility for any damage/loss/theft of your personal belongings.
  •   Maximum of 1 hour per day per membership is only permitted.
  •   Maximum of 8 players are fixed for an hour per court. Extra Players will be charged.
  •   Players are not permitted to enter the court before the allotted time and they should leave the court immediately at the end of the allotted time.

  •   Monthly fee should be strictly remitted on or before 5th of every month. If not the slot allocated will be reallocated to another member without any information.
  •   No food packages are permitted inside the court. No chewing gum, please!
  •   Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the total campus.
  •   Non-member will be charged Rs.500 per hour per head to play.
  •   Court remains closed on last Sunday.
  •   You are requested to use the court sensibly. Any damage or deterioration should be reported immediately to the management.